Spectrum Spelunker

Join Hue on a colorful adventure!

Spectrum Spelunker: Shoot Blocks to Win the Game: Also Jump and Run: Starring Hue is a platform / puzzle hybrid game. Control Hue, the game’s unassuming protagonist, as he navigates an obstacle course of colorful blocks, pushing them together and shooting them to set off dazzling, explosive chain reactions! The more you destroy at once, the more points you receive, and the faster you progress through the game’s whimsical worlds!

You can push Hue through an increasingly frantic block-scape in Endless Mode, or shoot for the best score in Time Attack mode. More free game modes will be added in the future!

The game is currently available on the Mac App Store for only $1.99!

The soundtrack is also available from Nonplayable Records!

How to play:

  • Move Hue left and right with A and D!
  • Jump with W! Press it again for a double jump! Jumping up into blocks above you will push them upwards. You can also wall-jump repeatedly off of blocks. Wall-jumping will shove a block horizontally.
  • Tap S on the ground to make Hue do a little hop, and again to make him quickly stomp the ground! When stomped, a block will move downward.
  • Double-tap S in the air to make Hue stomp and plummet downward! This can be changed to a single tap in the options menu.
  • Tap A or D (depending on direction) when up against a block on the ground to shove it horizontally.
  • Lefties may use the i,j,k, and l keys, or the arrow keys to move!
  • Move the crosshair with the mouse!
  • Left Click to shoot a photon! These blow up blocks of the corresponding color!
  • Right Click or press the space bar to change Hue’s color! It cycles in this order forever: Blue, red, yellow. Unless you’re in Simple Mode. Then it’s blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, etc.
  • Press Escape to pause the game. A MUCH REQUESTED FEATURE.
  • Use all of the above abilities to ALTER THE BATTLEFIELD and push blocks around to make better combos!
  • Bigger combos are worth exponentially more points - each additional block more than doubles the combo’s value!
  • Score points to progress through the game’s worlds!
Album Art

Now it’s time for a special post - a post about the music of Spectrum Spelunker!

Everyone I know personally that has played Spectrum Spelunker has had something to say on how memorable its seven-note recurring theme is. You can hear it in every bar of the title screen music and jumbled around as the menu music and high score tune; you’ll begin to hear it as you score points in Time Attack, and if you listen close enough, you can even hear it in the background of the level 7 theme. Of course, it permeates the credits music as well.

But something nobody knows is that the first song that this tune appeared in never got used in any version of the game. When I originally enlisted the aid of Jarad of Nonplayable Records to make the soundtrack for Spectrum Spelunker, way back in 2008 when it was a contest entry in Eegra.com’s first (and last?) annual game makin’ shindig, I asked for eight tracks - a title theme, a menu theme, five level tunes, and a credits song. Due to time constraints, the credits sequence didn’t make it into the game (since only three people worked on the game at that time, a lengthy credits sequence was not needed anyhow). When the updated version came, Jarad made a new credits song, and this one was discarded.

The original credits theme was actually one of the first to get finished (after the first and second level tunes), and Jarad made the decision later to use it as the unifying musical theme of the game, when he incorporated it heavily into the title and menu themes. He replaced this track with the credits music that’s in the final game - though the song’s almost completely different, you may notice some similarities (like the bassline). He’s not terribly proud of this composition now, but I couldn’t let such a piece of Spectrum Spelunker history go unshared.

So, here it is - the unused original Spectrum Spelunker credits theme!

TitleCredits (Unused)
AlbumSpectrum Spelunker

Spectrum Spelunker released!

Spectrum Spelunker logo

Yes! Looks like Spectrum Spelunker’s made it to the Mac App Store! It costs a measly $1.99 - you can download a copy for yourself here:

Spectrum Spelunker on the Mac App Store

And if you like the music, the soundtrack is also available for sale from Nonplayable Records! Our musician put together a really wonderful soundtrack, mixing the level tunes into each other to make an album that’s a blast to listen to. You can preview and pick out individual tracks or download the whole thing here:

Spectrum Spelunker Original Soundtrack on Nonplayable Records

I hope you all enjoy the game! We’re going to keep refining it and adding features, as well - if you have any suggestions for us, let us know!


The first release build of Spectrum Spelunker is getting submitted by tomorrow, and it’s going to launch with the Mac App Store! Looks like we’re going to have one of the first cheap indie games available over the service.

It was quite an ordeal getting everything wrapped up in time - and a good portion of it overlapped with finals, so that was wonderful. Poor Buckley, our programmer, pretty much had to work overtime on this to get the game ready (whilst also having to comply with my often nebulous mandates regarding changes and additions), while I coordinated with three different artists to get the backgrounds updated on time. Luckily, it seems like it’s all coming together.

Once I get the final build, I’m going to make the trailer and official Spectrum Spelunker page, so those of you unfamiliar with the game can get a sneak preview!

- Tim Jenkins, designer

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